Learn your Dog: Relationship Based training.

Multi-Day Workshop (2 day minimum)

This will be a specific skill/problem solving workshop based on the working dogs in attendance. I will start the workshop with the theories that drive my approach. And then we will spend the rest of the workshop delving into goals of the working teams. I will offer training in any of the foundation skill, behavior modification techniques, or training that I use. This will include:


Long Line Handler Awareness

Leash Reactivity Management

Trust Obstacles

Conditioned Relaxation


Faith In Handler

Obedience as Team Building

Integrating (or re-integrating)  into multi-dog households.

I will also offer training in any of the specific sports that I participate in based on the equipment available at host location. The sports may include:

Treadmill work

Wall Climb

Weight Pull

Spring Pole Obedience

checkwith the host before registering for a working spot to ensure they have the equipment needed for the sport you want to work on.

This format will allow for in depth work on a particular issue with a specific dog if you get a working spot. But more importantly, EVERY workshop will offer the chance to see a unique mix of solutions, and methods. No two workshops will ever be the same! This is my absolute favorite format to teach…… Or attend.

Pit Bull 101:

2 day workshop-

The history of Pit Bulls and Dog Fighting. The truth about the breed and the selective pressures that made them. Understanding how the old dog en created dog aggression, and how we can avoid it. What training methods and concepts they used that WERE good, and we should consider keeping or expanding on! What training we should take from the non game dog world to help them become more well rounded, and manage potential issues. We will cover a wide range of the theories and practices I use with these dogs. Drawn from the old Pit Dog ways, AND the new school of dog training. Subjects will include:

Theories & Concepts

Weight Pull & Treadmills

Tug/Spring Pole

Long Line Handler Awareness

Leash Reactivity Management

Conditioned Relaxation


Integrating (or re-integrating)  into multi-dog households.

Breaking up a fight & getting back to a peaceful home.

I also offer an abbreviated 1 day PB101 workshop with all the same history and theory, but with fewer handling skills.


 Tug, Spring Poles, & Everything In Between:

1 day Workshop-

Tug is one of the most biologically fulfilling activities a dog can engage in. Everyone knows it can be great fun, and exercise. But, I use it, not just to burn them out, but to develop the backbone of training! It is how I develop the language (bridges/marks) of training that will influence ALL our interactions. It will develop deference. Not in a “Dominance” feeling way. But…. In a “Team Captain/Quarterback” kind of vibe. It will develop MASSIVE impulse control. It will teach a responsiveness to body language. And shape the beginning of Conditioned Relaxation, or putting relaxation on cue like obedience. We will also discuss increasing the level of responsibility with adding obedience, and increasing your area of influence by working on various toys at a distance. We will teach you how and why to use a variety of toys, including the classic Spring Pole.  Bring depth to your game play work with this workshop.


Other recommended workshops:

Chad Mackin: If you haven’t already attended or hosted a Chad Mackin workshop, you owe it to yourself to attend one! In fact…. You should book it first! His work has been a MAJOR influence on my approach. I would not be the trainer I am, if not for Chad. He is the main influence on my work.

Ivan Balabanov: The Catalyst of my studying Tug as a complete system. The other main pillar of my work.

Kayce Cover: Another major influence on my approach. The mentor that introduced me to the concept of conditioned relaxation.




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