We started Three Bad Bullies to help people solve the problems that took us decades to figure out on our own. We have always known we were destined to help dogs, and their people,  since we were younger.
We have a unique talent in being supremely patient, fearless, and loving with dogs. We’ve had to be! We’ve had some of the worst. And through years…. decades, of painful trial and error we developed these attributes. Just in the last few years we were able to match our knowledge, and skill to our level of emotion for dogs. And we feel like we’re in a unique position to be able to help you learn and understand.
The name Three Bad Bullies comes from the pack we had the moment we decided to make this a reality. At the time our little rescued family was;
Bad Bully #1- Milo: American Pit Bull Terrier. He’s super high energy, and extremely soft. As in, any correction makes him pout. Really, any “training” at all gives the pouts, or at least narcolepsy. Without work, he would be a ball of energy that tears up your house and frustrates the hell out of you. He’s actually our least problematic one!
Bad Bully #2- Mabel: Milo’s sister. A beautiful APBT, who is just a ball of issues! We’ll stick with the mental stuff, as the two TPLO surgeries aren’t that relevant (yes we’ve been through it all). She is very sweet to us, and certain other approved beings. But she is also VERY into manners. And will enforce them herself if she doesn’t have absolute faith in the fact that, not only will you enforce them for her, but you also will not tolerate her being the sheriff. In addition to that she has these bursts of excitement that border on uncontrollable. Huge pupils. Fully checked out. Not aggressive…. Just nutty hyper. Without work, she would be put down for sure. Her hyper energy would get directed at her being the sheriff, and someone would get mangled. She’s got to have a life of structure, or she would just become a monster.
Bad Bully #3- Bella: She is an Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog. Which is actually a rare breed from the south. Supposedly they’re a mix of Old Southern American Bulldogs, and Colby Pit Bulls. If you’re not familiar with them just think of them as Giant APBT’s, and you’ll have the right idea. Bella was given to us by our Dog Trainer at the tme. She was in his kennel of dogs that were in line to become working protection dogs. Problem was, she was severely environmentally unsound. Everything scared her. Sounds. Shapes. People. Anything. As in huddling in the kennel and refusing food. Our mentor literally said, “want to learn how to train difficult dogs….. Start here. She’s your dog now”. And then we had Bella. An 80lb monster athlete that was scared of her own shadow.
These aren’t the worst dogs we’ve had. Far from it. They were just the ones we had when we said “let’s do it”, and Three Bad Bullies was born.

As for the people…..

3 Bad Bullies is a husband and wife team. My name is Jay Jack. My wife’s name is Amanda Buckner. We have been heavily involved with dogs our whole lives. We’ve rescued, fostered, rehabilitated, and, advocated for dogs since we were kids. I rescued my first Pit Bull from a fighting breeder when I was 15 or so. I’ve been the “dog guy” ever since. Amanda was always a general dog lover but after she met me, she was bitten with the Bully bug as well!

Honestly, we love all dogs, regardless of breed. But, we have a special place in our hearts for bullies, and any of the “power” breeds, as they tend to be misunderstood, and mistreated.

That’s where we come in. We are just like these dogs! We are tough, and strong. We are VERY stubborn, and probably a little scary looking to most. I’m covered in tattoos. My cauliflower ears and flattened nose give away my 10 years as a professional fighter, and current day job as a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy owner.

But, we are also just as loyal, and loving. I will never give up on these dogs. I will never lose my composure, no matter how hard you think your dog is to handle. Believe me….. We’ve seen it all.

Many of these guys have the potential to be so amazing. They just need people that can handle what they are NOW, to get them to where they COULD BE.

That’s us!

We are uniquely qualified in attributes and experience to help you with your own “Bad” dogs!

-Jay Jack & Amanda Buckner

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