Private Sessions (Skype Appointments Available)

In Person or Skype Private Sessions. $90 an hour

These sessions can be done live on Skype regardless of location.

In the greater Portland ME area, they can be done at your location or ours.

In person sessions are available outside the Greater Portland ME area, but additional travel costs will apply.

These sessions are available to Pet Owners looking for help with their own dogs, as well as Professionals who want to incorporate some of my approaches into their current practices. Or get any of the material offered in my Workshops in a one on one setting.

If you don’t have a particular issue, or area of interest…….

I have a set of six lessons that are designed to give you a new relationship with your dog.

This set of lessons will cover all functional obedience commands. It will teach relationship development games. It also addresses, even severe, behavior problems.

This set of 6 classes is only $495. That’s a savings of $45!

Contact me to get started!




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