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Winter Fun

Here’s a collection of photos and a short video of an outing we just did during the first big snowfall of the season.

Amanda ran with Milo (65lb APBT) and Mabel (45lb APBT) on the kicksled. And I used Bella (75lb Alapaha), and Jax (50lb APBT) on my new Ski/Sliding snowshoe things.

What a blast.


(Jay going down!)

Hurricane Stop Our Workouts? No Way!

We’re like the US Mail. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor blah, blah…..

The photos aren’t great but this is how we handled hurricane Sandy.

Lead dogs!


There is a trail under all that debris BTW.

All jokes aside, storm aftermath is a serious thing.

Our tip for the day is: Don’t just assume fences survived! If you rely on a fence to keep your dog safe….. Check it after bad storms. That’s fences in your yard, or the dog park you go to. Wherever.

Storm= perimeter checks.

It only takes one incident of letting your dog out in the back yard, only to see him in the road in the front of your house, to never make that mistake again!

Better safe than sorry.