4 thoughts on “Seminar Dates For Petaluma CA”

  1. While I am sure I will be odd-woman-out with my boxer boy, I am looking forward to your workshop. I have a pack of boxers and I volunteer for a boxer rescue and wear several hats in helping the cause; one being that of a foster. Since bully breeds have many similar behavioral traits, I have no issue with joining the pitties for a little education. I am hoping to learn some new skills that will help with the different needs of the pups that are under my wing as well as learning anything that might be of value to an adopter. I also have a few annoying issues with my boy that I could use more input on so I can find a training solution that works for him.

  2. AWWWWWW man! We just adopted our pitbull in May and I follow the podcast now. I would have LOVED to go to this – I live in Sonoma. I hope I get another chance! Thank you for all you do.

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