IACP Pics!

Holy crap. That was a LOT of dog info. The presentations I got to see were Heather Beck, George Cockrell, Wendy Volhard, and Michael Ellis. And that was in between all the podcasting, and random dog conversations.

We’ll keep you posted as to when the three hour mega  show will be up. For, now….. I will share some of the photos!

Enjoy! .

Shots from the epic 3 hour mega session on Friday night:

Jason Vasconi, and Jennifer Freilich.


George Cockrell, Mailey McLaughlin.


Us getting set for the lunch ballroom session:

DTC crew getting set up.


Heather Beck, Brother Christopher (Monks Of New Skete), and Babette Haggerty.


And yep….. Michael Ellis!


After it was all over I let my hair down:


And made out with random Pit Bulls:


All in all, a great weekend!

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