Jay Jack Pit Bull 101 Workshop!

I have been asked to come to Monaca, PA and give a workshop on my approach to the Bully Breeds!

August 30th, 9am.

Lecture Portion: We will cover the history of the breed, how it truly affects temperament, and my approach to helping the troubled ones. Also, which of the old school methods may still have a place in a modern Pit Bulls life.

Working Portion: My approach to foundation training that I use to work with these high drive game dogs we’ve all come to love. These are techniques that have been developed from my history with game dogs, and the most innovative, effective trainers in the country!

For more info, or to reserve a spot, please contact Paul @ http://www.abcaninetraining.com/

Look forward to seeing you there.

3 thoughts on “Jay Jack Pit Bull 101 Workshop!”

  1. Dang it! got excited when you said it was right outside of Philly on that great podcast you and Chad do, appears to be about 5 hours right outside Philly (near Pittsburgh).

    More on the performance end of things training a pitterstaff for IPO (Ellis is a big influence on me as well, along with Chad for the more everyday aspects of a dog’s life – got to one of his dogmanship workshops a year or so ago, and it was definitely amazing) that’s got a lot of IPO III dogs behind him (otherwise don’t think I would do the sport with him), but am a big fan of the game bred dogs I see at the local ADBA show (though would never face my dog off and don’t really agree with the practice in general). But aside, from the sport my 10 month old prospect has to live with the family including another dog, so I got excited about your workshop….. really like what you do

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