Winter Fun

Here’s a collection of photos and a short video of an outing we just did during the first big snowfall of the season.

Amanda ran with Milo (65lb APBT) and Mabel (45lb APBT) on the kicksled. And I used Bella (75lb Alapaha), and Jax (50lb APBT) on my new Ski/Sliding snowshoe things.

What a blast.


(Jay going down!)

7 thoughts on “Winter Fun”

    1. Tia- That’s actually the way to do it. Hook them up with a puller, and let them learn how to do it. The trick is in finding a good puller that your dog gets along with. Of course, I suppose there are people out there with dogs that just get along with everyone……. But, we’ve never been that lucky. We had one natural puller, and he taught his sister. Ever since then, they’ve taught everyone else we bring in!

  1. How, pray tell, did you get them off the couch let alone get them to ‘work’? Our experience with pitbulls is they move around as puppies, learn to jump up on the couch, and then spend the rest of their lives flopping from one side to the other of that very same couch…

    1. Run A Muck Ranch- Pits are definitely couch potatoes…. In between bat shit crazy spurts of activity!
      Our “work”, is really just a game as far as they’re concerned. But, yeah, our couch set up is quite crowded with 4 bullies, and us.

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