2 thoughts on “What Have We Done To Them”

  1. I have seen other videos about some of the deformed and dysfunctional new breed standards at Tufts, particularly the half dog/ half frog GSD, but this video really shows the extent of this travesty and injustice to our canine friends in some peoples’ vanity (and possibly mental illness). I have always preferred more wolfy dogs, but many of the traditional breeds as shown here are good looking and healthy. It’s bad enough that many people seem to enjoy deforming themselves with tattoos and piercings, but it is sad that they also impose their insanity on dogs.

    1. Ouch. I’m covered in tattoos.
      I still agree with everything you said about the dogs though!
      To me it’s when you get away from function that things start to go screwy.
      But I think that in people too.

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