Conversational Leash Work

Tyler Muto is a trainer out of New York, that I Really like.

He has a technique that he calls “Conversational Leash Work”. It’s very cool. It’s very gentle. And he uses a Prong Collar.

Wait….. What?

Gentle use of a Prong. How’s that supposed to work?

I’ll let him explain it:

Pretty interesting stuff. He’s using -R, and a very subtle and gentle way that’s hard to find flaw with. It’s just a tad further up the intensity scale from a BAT protocol, that is pretty much accepted by even the most sparkly, of the fairy farts, and rainbows crowd.

And just in case you think that “that’s fine on a mellow dog, but not MY monster”, check this out:

Anyway…. There’s some interesting use of a Prong Collar used for -R, and you don’t come out the other end being arrested for animal abuse.

Check out more of Tyler’s stuff at his website: Connect With Your K9

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