Roberts Farm CaniCross Oct 20th!

We did this race last year with Milo and it was a blast! Not as crowded as the Pineland Farm CaniCross, so maybe a bit less intimidating for a beginner. If your dog is environmentally unsound, or dog/people aggressive this obviously isn’t a smart thing to try without planning! But, have hope. With a solid training plan, you can get any dog through almost anything. Mabel, our resident dog aggressive queen, has done two so far without incident. But that was no accident. We worked long and hard to get to that point. All our dogs have a solid exercise program, obedience work, and pack structure. So, we use events like this as a training, or “proofing” exercise. It’s more mentally challenging for them than physically hard. So it will be a big day for us. We’ll be running 4 Bullies there (our 3, plus Jackson the foster). Not sure how we’ll set it up. Mandy with Bella, and me with the other 3, or maybe two teams of two? We’ll have to see when get there how everyone’s energy is. Either way…. will be fun!
If you’d like your difficult/hyper dog to get into the pulling sports…… Just get in touch with us, and we’ll get them to WORK! -Jay

Dogs and their owners participate in the 5K race at Roberts Preserve in Norway last year. Another race is set for Saturday, Oct. 27, at the Norway center.

(Here’s a little write up on the race from the Sun Journal)

A 5k run for fit dogs and fit owners, and mushers is set for 9 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 20, at Roberts Farm Preserve. It will be held after the season finale time 5k run series on the grass trail at the preserve on Roberts Road.

There will also be a 2K dog walk with proceeds benefiting Responsible Pet Care’s new animal shelter campaign.


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